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Central region with the capital city of Crete - the city of Heraklion. Also one of Greece's major urban centers and the largest on the island.

Visit Malia


Region of rugged nature, abandoned villages, exquisite frescoed churches, ancient monasteries and sacred sites. Its capital is the classic mediteraneene city of Agios Nikolaos.

Chania Old Harbour


Coastal city built on the northern coast of Crete surrounded by the region carrying the exact same name.

Matala Beach, Caves


Located in the southern region of Crete, this village is mostly known as a hippie place. The fascinating caves in the cliff and the lovely beaches will make you feel like a flower child!

Knossos, Crete


As the capital of Minoan civilization, Knossos is an ancient city best known for its Palace, the legendary Minotaur and the fantastic murals that have survived through the time.

Chania Lighthouse


The western region Chania with the same name as its capital city. Many people believe that in the old port of Chania town the building is a mosque but in fact it is a Synagogue.



A small island in Lasithi region, located opposite Plaka town. Greeks also refer to it as the “Leper Island” due to the fact that people affected with leprosy were isolated there.

Agios Nikolaos Lake

Agios Nikolaos

The capital of Lasithi region is a perfect place to walk around, take some pictures of the picturesque harbour and buy some local products from the shops nearby.

Agios Nikolaos

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