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Nightlife & Entertainment
Nightlife in Malia

Malia’s prominent nightlife scene attracts visitors from all over Europe. Over the past few years, it has gained a reputation of being one of the most dynamic and vibrant holiday destinations in the Mediterranean. This is reflected in the fantastic range of entertainment and nightlife venues that are on offer, with an endless choice of bars, pubs, cutting-edge nightclubs and special events. Now your only problem in Malia will be: how to manage all of them in one holiday.

Bar Culture

Bar / Pub aficionados can eat their heart out in one of the countless bar venues of Malia; and that’s only the beginning.

Pubs and bars are focal points for socializing; pubs serve food and drinks in the daytime, while in the evening they turn into sports cafes and entertainment centres, with big screens for all your games and matches on SAT TV. Unlike the male-dominated bastions, most pubs encourage female customers and families.

Also the bars host big screens and SAT TV and show the latest films on DVD. During the day they resemble cafes and at night time they become small nightclubs. No need to tell you that most action takes place outdoors!


The nightclub scene dominates the smaller hours with intoxicating options for non-stop partying in airy, trendy interiors: Loud and proud, well into the small hours with no face control, no stress: just a good vibe in a cool atmosphere.

As Malia hosts a cosmopolitan public, it offers cosmopolitan music: a happy mix of the latest chart music, RnB, 70s and 80s disco, soul, party music and Indie pop, rock, house, garage, trance and techno follows you wherever you go. Pretty much all tastes are catered for. The beat goes up after the sun goes down, with no dress code – as long as you keep things civilized.

Upcoming Events

Check the event calendar for special theme nights. Events like bar crawls, pole dance competitions, international guest DJ parties and beach party events are well promoted and tickets are best bought beforehand at (travel) agencies and other distribution points.