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Food & Drink

Chill out and let someone else handle the cooking for a change!

Enjoy fancy dining in a restaurant, a quick bite on the go or a hearty meal in one of the genuine local taverns: regardless your personal taste or budget, Malia offers a plethora of places to eat, which will satisfy even the most demanding of appetites.

About Cretan Cuisine

Not only does the area of Malia – and the island of Crete in general – have some of the most breathtaking scenery and the friendliest people, it also has some of the finest food available in the Mediterranean.

Cretan Wines

About Cretan wines one can state that they can be very pleasant – distinguished even – in taste, but since they are mostly produced in bulk by cooperatives, their quality may be uneven. However, several boutique wineries in Crete are now producing some excellent wines from local varieties.

Olive Oil

In England it is brown sauce, in France it is fresh cream, in the US it’s probably ketchup, but in Crete the basic ‘sauce’ is olive oil. Actually it is much more than that; it is the Alpha and Omega in cooking. It is healthy, an anti-oxidant, it keeps the bad cholesterol down and the good one up. And it tastes delicious!