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Places to visit / Out & about

Malia's and Stalis' central position in Crete and its transport links easily allow you to visit the island’s wider region. Use Malia – Stalis as your perfect base and discover some of the most interesting areas and attractive towns, charming villages and breathtaking scenery.


Hersonissos is a mega-tourist resort, some 8km west of Malia. Its little port provides without doubt one of the prettiest views of Hersonissos, with fishing boats bobbing on the water and the little church of Ayía Paraskeví on the background, half-hidden in the cave-like opening of the rock. Most of the tourist scene is clustered around here, with a cosy pedestrian zone lined with shops, cafeterias and taverns, some of which are really enjoyable. On the hill slope over Hersonissos there are three neat, picturesque villages that offer a welcome escape from the crowds and the frenzy, with a beautiful panoramic view of the bay below, a wonderful relaxed atmosphere and plenty of romantic taverns.


The attractive, bustling capital of Crete and the Minoan site of Knossos – allegedly home to legendary king Minos – are well worth a visit. Heraklio is Crete’s biggest city and the island’s main gateway. Although it won’t easily cast off its disorderly image, the historic quarter inside the old city walls is anything but that. Here, traces of the past go hand in hand with a modern, cosmopolitan way of life: Modern shopping precincts with boutiques, mainstream shops, alluring cafeterias and taverns, alternate with beautiful historical buildings, sight-seeing attractions and museums. You will leave Heraklio with only the best of impressions.


Allegedly home to the legendary king Minos, built by Daidalos and the place where the Minotaur was hidden away, Knossos is undeniably the capital of Minoan Crete. Grander, more complex and more flamboyant than any of the other palaces we know of, it is Crete’s main archeological attraction.

Even though visitors today must stay on a walkway, it reveals an intimate glimpse of life at the palace, made even more comprehensible by the often fantastic reconstructions of its excavator Arthur Evans. Whatever your opinion though, he did manage to bring Minoan legacy one step closer to our reality.