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Culture & Events
Feasts and Celebrations

In Malia you will encounter many celebrations; sometimes these celebrations have a religious background, sometimes they are cultural events and sometimes just a good excuse to have a big party again!

Cretan Music and Dance

A Cretan's life is drenched to the bone with rhythm and rhyme. All events, be them happy or sad, concerning love or fate, heroic deeds or hymns to nature, are expressed by music and song; not just today, but for as long as they remember, in times of peace and in times of war and oppression. Everything that touches the soul has to be bared and soothed with music and songs that tell the tortured soul what to do.

Traditional Costume

Cretan traditional costume was of the most elegant and most complicated form of clothing and was divided into everyday and festive clothing. While in other regions traditional clothing was one of the first things to be replaced by western clothing – the so called "frágkika roúha" – in Crete traditional clothing is worn up until today, be it only by men and mainly in west-Crete. Women have long since stopped wearing traditional clothing.

Traditional Folk Architecture

Apart from the impressive labyrinth-style architecture of the Minoans or the refined Venetian style of building, Crete has a very interesting traditional folk architecture, found in villages throughout the island.

Traditional Handicrafts

Weaving used to be an art that was passed from mother to daughter and each Cretan household would have an "arghaliós", a weaving loom. Cretan textile art used to be compact and hard and can generally be recognized by its beautiful harmonious colours and motifs. No two rugs look alike; they vary in material, weaving technique and detailed decorative elements. Some of the most representative pieces of Cretan textile art are the "pataniés", the bed covers.