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Stalis - Mohos

An exhilarating walk that takes you from coastal resort Stalida to mountain village Mohos, with beautiful panoramic views of the coastline, passing through the unspoilt valley of Mohos and returning via an ancient path that leads back to Malia.

Duration: around 5 hours
Starting point: Stalis centre

1 - 2

Cross the old national road at the level of mini-market Maria, next to the shop with the giant red telephone hook. At the T-junction, follow the sign "Voulghariko monopati" (Bulgarian trail) into the hill. This Bulgarian trail is named after the Bulgarian war prisoners who were captured by Greeks during World War I and who were forced to work on the pathway. Turn uphill left to Minos Apts and continue along the track.

After about 45min. cross the footbridge over the highway, that leads into the "phryghana", the aromatic smelling low bushes and shrubs. If you step on thyme or any other aromatic shrubs, a scent so pungent and intense is released, it literally sweeps you off your feet! After an hour’s walk you’ll reach the hill top from where you see Mohos in the valley. From this point it is another 30 min. to reach Mohos village.


A pretty mountain village, it has a large square with shaded terraces and rakadhika for delicious Cretan mezedhes, side by side with taverns with local specialities. An eye catcher is the picturesque church of Panayia on the square with its impressive iconostasis covered with Byzantine icons. Explore the little alleys for some Cretan sentiment with Byzantine churches, old houses and yards filled with flowers.

Return option: Walk back over the asphalt road or make use of the regular bus service to Stalida.

2 – 3

Continue your walk south-east of the village to Lake Lyghara, a rare phenomenon by Cretan standards.

3 – 4

The trail east of Lake Lyghara leads to Malia. Passing through the unspoilt pretty valley, you’ll walk through orchards of lemon and orange trees, olive groves, fig trees and vineyards. Accompanied by the continuous chirping of cicadas, you’ll reach a path between two hill slopes, which you follow to get to Malia. Keep the asphalt road of Krassi – Malia as a guideline, as for most of the way it runs parallel. At the point where you encounter a shepherds’ fence, look for the small gate, which you open and close carefully.

4 – 5

From here, northwards and over asphalted road you continue your way to Malia.

5 – 6

If you want to avoid the village of Malia on your way to Stalida, turn left at the olive oil factory (Gal.Kazantzaki Street) and follow the peripheral road around Malia, until you reach the parallel street of the National Road. Continue west to reach Stalida.