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Malia - Krassi

This easy to moderate walk over asphalt roads and pathways leads through a rocky landscape with intense smelling bushes and with impressive views of the Selena mountain range.

Duration: around 5 hours, to go and come back.
Starting point: Malia, Senior citizen café / Virgin School

1 – 2

Follow the signs to Krassi that lead uphill past Malia’s olive oil factory and a sheep pen on a good asphalted road. After about 30min, in the first curve to your left, you’ll pass from a newly stone-built knife factory, where Cretan daggers are made the traditional way. (Sapounakis Knife Factory; open daily from 9am-5pm). About 15 minutes later you’ll reach a picnic area, signposted "Forest Recreation Area Hamoprina".
Easy Way: Continue your way to Krassi over the asphalt road (about 1 hour 30 minutes) or

2 – 3

Follow the stone pathway uphill east through the recreation area: Shaded by oak trees, you’ll find yourself on an open spot after about 30 minutes (the Marmaroplaka).

3 – 4

Follow your direction southwards, where you’ll spot a track between two hill slopes. At the end of this track, after about 1 hour 30 minutes, you’ll see the valley with Krassi from afar. Follow your way south-west, over a well-visible trail; this will lead you to Krassi village.

Hard Way, not recommended in summertime: Instead of taking the trail south-west, follow the route east uphill that is signposted "Azilakas" and that will lead you to a Holm oak forest. This is not an easy walk, with very uneven pathing. The walking will be moderate to strenuous and it takes about 1 hour to reach the forest. Count another 1 hour 30min to get to Krassi.


A small, traditional village with a population of 350, Krassi has a giant plane tree on its square that is proudly announced as the oldest in Crete. Next to it there’s a well that has water running directly from the springs of Mt. Selena. It is safe to drink and it is refreshingly cool after the hike! Also Cretan writer Nikos Kazantzakis discovered Krassi’s tranquility and spent 2 summers here in his younger years.

4 – 5

From Krassi, follow the signs to Malia over the asphalt road (1hour 45min)

Return option
There is a regular bus service from Krassi to Malia, if you prefer not to walk back.
Alternative route
Walk to Mohos (duration around 1hour) and take the bus from there to Stalida or Malia.