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About Cretan Cuisine

Not only does the area of Malia – and the island of Crete in general – have some of the most breathtaking scenery and the friendliest people, it also has some of the finest food available in the Mediterranean.

Celebrated for its use of fresh ingredients and pure olive oil, most observations about the traditional Cretan cuisine – or the Cretan Diet – agree that it is most notable for its simplicity. Cretan cooking tends to be on the peasant side, with many one-dish and oven cooked meals, which make it a rather plain but honest cuisine.

And there exactly lies its charm: the exceptional flavour and aroma of the local Cretan dishes is carried back to the use of fresh ingredients that are season bound and grown outside, mainly on the island itself. Cretans have a predilection for anything grown locally, be it fruit, vegetables, meat or fish. The amount of sun and the Cretan soil give produce a full, rich taste that makes too much seasoning superfluous. Besides the ever so celebrated local olive oil and lemon juice, some salt, pepper and oregano will usually do.