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Public Means

Bus services are operated by the KTEL cooperative. In general they are good, with the best services provided between major towns and tourist resorts. Here the buses are fast, frequent and comfortable. In Malia and Stalis they leave in both directions about every 20 minutes – to Heraklio in the west and Ayios Nikolaos in the east.

Tickets can be bought at bus stations and inside the bus when you get on at a bus stop (but not from the driver; just take a seat and a conductor will come up to you).

Taxis in the area of Malia are widely available and generally inexpensive. They are a safe and easy means of transport, with well looked after cars and considerate drivers. Taxis are metered so make sure the meter is set or fix a price on beforehand to avoid problems. Tipping is optional but common.

There are two basic tariffs, depending on the time of the day and journey.

  • Tariff 1 - Day rate (5am – 12pm) and within the taxi’s limit zone.
  • Tariff 2 - Night rate (12pm – 5am) and outside the taxi’s limit zone.