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Rent a Bike / Car

Motorcycles, Vespas and quad bikes are widely available for rent in Malia at the local rental firms. Reputable firms demand a motorcycle licence for any engine, also for a motorcycle up to 50cc. All agencies require you to leave either your passport or a valid credit card as security or a cash deposit up front.

Minimum age requirements vary and non-EU drivers officially need an international driving licence, but in practice your national licence is acceptable.

Rental prices vary. The initial rental price almost never includes tax, collision damage waiver fees or personal insurance. All these are essential.

Quad bikes are officially off-road vehicles. They are not harmless on the road, as they behave like motorcycles but take up the space of a small car in traffic. You won’t loose your balance on them, but they really do not always go where you want them to go.

There are several car rental firms in Malia. In theory the terms of rental are the same as with the bikes. Minimum age varies from 21 to 25 years old. Rates usually include third party insurance and unlimited mileage. Furthermore it is advisable to take out a CDW insurance. You cannot take the car on a ferry without written authorization of the rental firm.