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Road Network

In northern Crete there is one highway, National Road E75, which links Kastelli in West Crete with Sitia in East Crete via Chania, Rethymnon, Heraklion and Ayios Nikolaos. The national road is a single carriageway, meaning that there is one lane in each direction. There are, however, some stretches with two lanes, between Malia and Heraklion in particular. New, wider roads are under construction all over the island.

Most of the main roads are of a good standard, though they can have their flaws and the occasional bump and bubble. Off the main road quality standards and state of repair vary widely, from sometimes deep potholes to asphalted roads that, without apparent reason, turn into dirt tracks on smaller routes. Some mountain roads are really only suitable for a 4WD vehicle.

Scan the road surface ahead.
The quality of asphalt road surfaces is not always good since it is affected by a number of factors, including extreme heat in the summer that has the asphalt almost melting away and floods and rock falls in winter that leave roads littered with potholes, loose gravel or fallen rocks anywhere, anytime.

In general, road surfaces are very ‘polished’, which means their grip leaves a lot to be desired, especially on curves. After summer, when the first rain showers appear, the roads are extremely slippery, making them particularly dangerous or prone to accidents.