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Pano Mirabello

Discover Crete’s untouched, rough side with a trip through tough, rugged mountain landscape where time stood still and combine it with lunch and a swim at the clear pebble beach of the Gulf of Elounda.

With its predominant colours being grey for the rocks and stones and blue for the sky and sea, Pano Mirabello is the rugged rock massif north of Neapoli and one of Crete's poorest and driest regions. Its steep hill slopes tolerate arid, bushy vegetation with thyme and oregano, here and there some trees like cypresses, evergreen oaks, carob, walnut and some olive trees, which are tortured by the northern winds that blow from the sea. There are stones as far as the eye can reach and its soil is extremely unfertile. A few small sections of land have been laboriously cleared of stones with which terrace walls have been built and where some grapevines and grains are cultivated.

This ascetic, austere environment has no particular history. Forgotten by time and people, it was probably uninhabited for centuries. First written mention is during Ottoman rule, on transaction acts of the monastery of Areti that was founded in the late-Venetian period.

Tiny settlements known as "metóhia" are inhabited by a handful of people for whom electricity came in the 1970s and who up until today have no running water supply. Mainly self sufficient, they have some live-stock, grow small-scale crops and distil raki.