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Valley of Lagada - Gorge of Rosa

This combination trip leads through the green landscape of the valley of Lagada, north-west of the Lassithi plateau, via enchanting villages and pretty Byzantine churches. The walk through the gorge of Rosa is optional and would take around 3 hours, from starting point Ghonies until finish line, again in Ghonies.

Gorge of Rosa

The gorge of Rosa reveals stunning views of the surrounding landscape and impressive, clearly visible rock schemes of the gorge itself with a pink-rose shimmer, which is a result of oxidation in the limestone rock. This is probably where the gorge got its name. It hosts a rich and diverse flora with 120 species – many of which are endemic – of which 75 species are rock plants that are almost impossible to reach for animals. With its rich birdlife it is an ideal spot for watching birds of prey like falcons, hawks and vultures, especially in spring and autumn.

Valley of Lagada: the Lost Valley

A major part of the Valley of Lagada, between Avdou and Potamies, will soon disappear under water as result of a giant dam project. The dam, with a capacity of 32 million liters of water, is to be built as water supply for the city of Iraklio. Among the sunken parts will be the village of Sfendili and the Byzantine church of Ayios Konstandinos in Avdou. Despite fierce opposition from the locals and from environmental groups, the project has already started and 50,000 olive trees have been cut so far.