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Malia - Sissi - Milatos

An easy walk that starts from the Minoan site of Malia that takes you along the rough coast line to the villages of Sissi and Milatos, and from there through the hilly landscape to Epano Sissi, back to Malia.

Duration: 2 hours and 30 min to reach Milatos; around 5hours 30min to go and come back to Malia.
Starting point: Malia, Potamos Beach / Taverna Kalyva

1 – 2

Walk towards the sea, from where you follow the pathway east that leads you to Hrissolakkos and its ancient mausoleum. Smell the salty sea, spot crittamus with its briny taste. After about 20min. when you’ve passed the little cove and Hotel Hellenic Palace, you’ll reach the little church of Ayia Varvara and its tiny off shore islet.

2 – 3

Follow the coastal pathway that disappears shortly until you reach Sissi after some 20min. Continue along the coastal line into Sissi village.


Sissi, a little port from where olive oil, almonds and carob pod produce used to be transported and dependence of Vrahassi, a mountain village some 5km inland, became a booming touristy settlement over the last 20 years. However, due to local political problems, it was practically outlawed the last 8 years. Of course this has had its repercussions on the development and natural environment of the village.

Still, it cannot be disregarded completely, for it has a cozy coastal line with quite some fresh fish taverns and cafes, along with some pretty hotels in which to spend a quiet family holiday, away from the crowds.

3 – 4

Still following the coastline, you’ll pass the fish taverns of Sissi, from where you keep on going until after about 20 min you reach Boufos Beach, another little cove. Turning left on the asphalt road you go towards Hotel Kalimera Kriti.

4 – 5

Upon reaching the hotel, you walk in a bow around it over a dirt track outside the hotel’s entrance gate to continue on your way to Milatos. The wide view over the sea and the breeze in your hair largely make up for the less pretty, unfinished dusty road track that leads past Hotel Minos Imperial after 2km. Continue for one more km. to reach fishing village Milatos (about 45min.), mostly known for its fish taverns.

Return options
Return to Malia the way you came; especially in the afternoon you’ll enjoy an amazing sun set all the way back.
If you prefer not to walk, take the bus to Neapoli and change over to Malia (irregular busservice) or take a taxi.

5 – 6

Walk from coastal Milatos up to inland Milatos, some 2km (20min).


Milatos, a quiet little village mostly known for its tavernas with fresh fish today, has another feature worth mentioning. During the Cretan War of Independende in 1823, 2,500 people from the surrounding villages were trapped by the Ottoman army in a cave 3km east of the village. After guaranteeing their safe passage out, the Ottoman forces killed all the men and sold the women and children into slavery in Egypt. A commemoration monument near the cave is a reminder of this gruesome event.

6 – 7

At the T-junction in Milatos follow the signpost right to Iraklio over the asphalt road for about 3km. This is a winding uphill road that leads to the EKO gas station.

7 – 8

Arriving at the EKO gas station, continue your way straight ahead to the small village Epano Sissi (1km) with some kafenia and tavern "Volossiro".

In Epano Sissi you have 2 options
- Take the road to Boufos Beach, from where you follow the coastal line back to Malia.
- Continue the way, following the signs to Iraklio and after about 1km you’ll reach the parallel road of the National Road.

8 – 9

Left: after 500m. there are signposts for Iraklio, parallel to the National Road (4 – 5km. until the archeological site of Malia; this is not recommended as there is quite some traffic). Or, after 1km. at the blue mail boxes / group of cypresses, take the coastal way via the hill on your right that leads to Hotel Hellenic Palace via the settlement ofAyia Varvara, which is a far better option.