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Walking is one of the best ways to get to know a place. Apart from that timeless feeling, surrounded by peace and quiet, you see nature from a different angle unfolding in front of you; you hear the singing of the birds and smell the intoxicating scent of countless herbs and flowers on your way.

In the hinterland, where life follows a slower rhythm, you’ll meet farmers working their fields or shepherds herding their flock and making their own cheese in their shelters; you get to meet the villagers, always friendly and always helpful. If you’re up to it, put on those walking shoes and get out there to discover the other Crete!

The suggested walks are relatively easy on frequented roads, pathways and trails, for which all you need is a regular level of fitness, enthusiasm and some comfortable shoes. The roads are signposted and if they’re not, they’re not dangerous to get lost. The walks can be done year-round, unless stated otherwise as it can get very hot in summertime.

Walking safely in Crete

  • An early start is recommended to avoid most of the heat.
  • Wear comfortable shoes, preferably not sandals as you might bump or prick your toes and heels on off road tracks.
  • Always wear a hat and use sun protection; wear sunglasses and layered clothing as temperatures may fluctuate.
  • Bring enough water and some energy snacks to munch on.
  • Let others know where you are and for how long you’re planning to be gone.
  • Do you plan on leaving the trails? Wear long trousers against the prickly shrubs and bushes.
  • If you’re used to a walking stick, take one with you; they’re not that practical though on the rough, uneven surfaces of the trails.
  • Be careful on asphalt roads; there’s not much traffic but drivers do not expect to encounter walkers and may drive on the rough side.
  • An inconvenience on off-road tracks are shepherds' fences; they’re put there to control the sheep and must have a gate every 150m or so. Follow the fence left or right until you reach a gate, open and close carefully to continue your way.